League of Legends: Clan Info

Team Captain and Jungler: ElectedCreature "Shenanigans!"
AP Mid: angelsboy96 "Oh my God, look at them rage"
Ranged Solo Top: SenorCrouch "Wait for it, wait for it, you have been slain."
AP Carry: xCygnusX1 "Morde es #1"
AD Carry: Zink354 "Call for a sniper ult"
Support Bot: Zalena "ZOMGoodness"
Tanky Solo Top: Zaunga "They must have forgot about Voli's passive"
AP Mid: TheTetela "Oops, I got distracted by the TV again"

Gamer Stuff

My Fanimations

Meet the Axem Rangers! A small fanimation I did. Sprites, characters, and text come from Nintendo's SNES Game, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

The Axem Rangers

Kirby Frontier

A fan-made Kirby RPG by ktnk0000

Two Heroes

An amazing furry action flash animation made by Ryanide

View the full screen version of Ryanide's animation here

Super Mario X version 1.3 Game Trailer

A fan-made Super Mario game by SuperMarioBrothers.org

To download this epic game click here

Gamer's Zone

Gamer's Zone

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Crystal Crisis