Welcome to the Conquest!

This is the Conquest! It may not look like much now, but over time you will grow to understand what is really going on! *evilly laughs*

Feel free to challenge the current crop of Conquests down below! But be warned, these challenges will put you to the test! Prepare yourself before entering!

The Icegate Temple

Welcome to the Icegate Temple! This place begins the start of something much greater than just a simple room! Come in and begin your Destiny for soon Destiny will be calling you! Conquer this area and the Icegate Badge will be yours!

Background Story: This Temple has been hidden away for nearly 900 years! It is then that you, an Adventurer, stumbles upon this relic of the past! As you enter the mountainous alcove on starless evening, the majesty of age's past is revealed to you! As you approach you are greeted by a small, but friendly jello monster who introduces himself to you! And it is from there that your quest begins! So come on in and witness the next evolution of the IMVU experience, Adventurer! The quest awaits!

Rules: This is a General Audience IMVU Public Room as well as a Roleplaying room so standard General Audience room rules apply and all fields are up! There shall be no drama or any AP topic conversations! Roleplaying rules are light, no entrance post needed! Some people will be in character, others will not! Please be mindful of this before you enter!

NOTICE! I cannot stress this enough, but please make sure you are running IMVU on a PC and not a Mac! IMVU's Mac Client cannot currently load and/or read Flash Widgets, the primary game mechanic to this IMVU room! My deepest apologies to all those who run IMVU on the Mac Client and desire to play this game! All I can suggest to you is that you contact IMVU and pressure them to work faster on completing their Mac Client to full functioning order!

Icegate Temple Portal:

Icegate Temple
Version 3.0

The Conquest