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-It has begun, the evolution of IMVU roleplaying!
The Arena is finally out! Beware, Champions,
the golden era of IMVU Roleplaying has begun!
The Arena Battle Engine Starter Kit

-Current Focus:
I see a rainbow and a race track!

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Cyrus Crouch

Cyrus Crouch

About Me

Name: Brandon

Age: 24
Location: Hyrule Castle
Element Attributed To: Ice

Favorite Quote: "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Orientation: Straight
Looking For: Roleplaying and Gaming

Cyrus' Stats

Name: Cyrus Crouch Senor Crouch

Battle Elements: Ice and Water
Character Title: Battle Professor
Brief Background: Decedent of the great Herald of Ice who helped vanquish evil in the Second Great War which took place a little over 900 years ago!

Battle Classes:

Ice Archsage - uses an array of ice and water arcane arts, prepare to be frozen solid!

Riveting Inventor - uses whimsical technological inventions of his own creation to fight for him, beware of his AI unit!

Game Master Knight - "Welcome one, welcome all. This isn't a battle, it is the greatest video game show of all time! Will you win it big or lose it all?"

Furry-Poke Duo - battles along side his trusted side-kick, Sparky, the Amazing Raichu! Beware of this Two-Ring Circus!

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